Introducing Background Color Transition Widget

Premium Addons PRO for Elementor got a new widget with today’s update. As its name says, the new widget give you a pleasant background color transitions between Elementor sections. the background simply changes with ease effect while scrolling between various sections.

Scroll Transitions with Surprising Colors

Elementor Background Color transition widget have some nice customization features like having the option to give the sections a different background color for Elementor section when you scroll up and/or down. it also gives you the option to give your background a random color also when you scroll up or down.

It’s very cool to surprise your visitors with fresh look each time they scroll throughout your website pages. The widget is also 100% responsive and very easy to use. You can learn how to use it by checking the widget documentation here.

More Background Effect for Elementor

We always try to find new ways to design your WordPress website and present your content in a nice way. That’s why we keep adding more widgets and addons that help you to attain that. Background Color transition widget is not the only the background effect or section effect widget we have. Check the below list of other available addons and widgets included in Premium Addons Plugin.

As we keep improving existing widgets and adding new widgets please don’t hesitate to send us you feedback and new widget ideas which you want to see in the next updates.