Huge Update That You will Love! Premium Addons V4.0 & PAPRO V2.2

Attention: This is a major update for both Premium Addons free and PRO versions. We highly recommend you to test it first on a staging environment first and check your website’s pages that use Premium Addons Elementor widgets after the update. Remember also to backup your production website before updating.

Premium Addons evolves again to give you the most comprehensive solution that helps you to build your next Elementor based website project with much more customization features and options than what you can find elsewhere. This time the update is huge and comes for both Free and PRO versions at the same time. Let’s go through the most important changes in this update:


If you’re not getting the update notification for Premium Addons PRO v2.2.0 in your WP Dashboard -> Plugins tab, you can download it from your account settings page and upload it manually on your website. For more clarification, please check this doc article.

Brand New Dashboard Built from The Ground Up

Premium Addons for Elementor Updated Dashboard
Premium Addons for Elementor New Dashboard

With the new update, it became easier than ever to manage Premium Addons plugin using the new Dashboard. All widgets free and PRO are now in one place where you can enable/disable them all at once or one by one individually, you can also filter: free or pro widgets only.

A new tab called: Features added to the dashboard where you can enable/disable: Cross-domain Copy N’ Paste, Premium Templates and Duplicator.

Lottie-Enabled Bullet List Widget

Elementor Bullet List New Widget with Lottie Animations
Elementor Bullet List Widget with Lottie Animations’ Icons

The first-ever advanced Bullet list widget for Elementor that includes a Lottie animation option besides the icon, image, and tag options. Elementor bullet list widget is included in Premium Addons free plugin.

Click here to check Bullet List Widget demo.

Cross-Domain Copy N’ Paste

Now you can copy n’ paste any content you want from a website’s page to another page on a different website using Premium Addons for Elementor FREE plugin.

Blog Widget New Features

Our free Blog widget is the most feature-packed blog widget available for Elementor became much more advanced with this update. Check the list below for all new features:

Elementor Blog Free Widget with New Advanced Features
Elementor Blog Widget Comes with New Advanced Features
  • Custom post types support added.
  • Default styling improved.
  • 2 News blog styles added.
  • Pagination option.
  • Filter Tabs option.
  • Posts are loading via AJAX now.
  • Ignore Sticky Posts and Exclude Current Post options.

Click here to check Blog Widget demo.

Video Box Widget New Features

Premium Video Box for Elementor Page Builder
YouTube Video Playlist, Mask Image Shape, and Sticky Video are Now Available in Video Box Elementor Widget
  • Display the latest videos from your YouTube channel.
  • Display Specific playlist’s videos from your channel.
  • Sticky video option. Now you can make your video sticky while you are scrolling.
  • Shape mask for videos option.
  • Hover effects added to video overlay image.
  • Autoplay On Viewport option.

Click here to check Video Box Widget demo.

New Styles and Skins for Various Widgets

New Features and Skins are Now Available in Premium Addons Free and PRO Widgets
New Styles Added to Various Free and PRO Elementor Widgets

New Options & Tweaks for Various Widgets

Performance Enhancements & Bug Fixes

A lot of performance enhancements and bug fixes made in this update. you can check all the details in the change-log of both free and PRO plugins.