Major Update Released: Display Conditions, Floating Effects, WooCommerce Products Listing, Blob Generator, and more!

We are very excited to announce that Premium Addons V4.7.0 and Premium Addons PRO V2.6.0 for Elementor Page Builder are coming with a wide range of sophisticated features, improvements, and new additions that you will definitely fall in love with!

Elementor Display Conditions Have Been Developed Like Never Before!

Premium Display Conditions for Elementor Page Builder

We worked very hard to deliver you a unique way to manage your Elementor website’s content based on specific conditions like Browser, Device, Date or Date Range, IP Location, Site Language, Login Status, Post & Post Type, Page, Operating System, and User Role.

Well, The Conditions Shown Above are Basic! What are the Unique Ones?

Premium Addons PRO is offering you more advanced display conditions like no one else! As you will get the ability to use the Display Conditions for WooCommerce e-Stores through Orders, Categories, and Last Purchase. Click here for more details.

In addition, you will be able to use the Display Conditions for Advertising Campaigns through the URL Parameters option. Last but not least, you can use the Display Conditions for Advanced Custom Fields “ACF” according to the following types: ACF Choice, ACF Field Text, and ACF True/False.

Introducing Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing Free Widget.

Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing New Widget Comes for Free

As promised, Premium Woo Products Listing Widget for Elementor Page Builder is finally here with 5 different styles – and much more are about to come – to give you the ability to display your e-Store products in an elegant way. Explore the 5 styles by visiting this page.

Carousel and Pagination Options are Included!

Woo Products Elementor widget is giving you the ability to display your WooCommerce products in a less content area using the Carousel and Pagination options. That’s beside, the ability to customize and adjust every single element in this Elementor widget starting from the Sale and Featured labels moving forward to the Add to Cart and Quick View buttons.

Download Premium Addons the FREE WordPress Plugin and Try It Now!

Meet the Animated Floating Effects Global Feature for Elementor Widgets.

Elementor Floating Effects Animation New Global Feature

We are so proud and excited to introduce the Floating Effects Animation for Elementor Page Builder which has been recently added to the Premium Addons bundle.

Where Should I Use the Animated Floating Effects?

We would love to let you know that the Animated Floating Effects Global Feature is working with any Elementor widget, not only with Premium Addons widgets which means that you can apply the Floating Effects on a Premium Addons widget, an Elementor widget, and any other widget developed for Elementor Page Builder.

What Kind of Floating Effects Included in Premium Addons?

As a Premium Addons user, you will get the chance to play with the motion of an Element/Widget by adding a floating effect to it using the Translate option, in addition, you can make the widget Rotate, Scale, and Skew. See the live animations from here.

If you are a Premium Addons PRO user, you will get the ability to access more cool and eye-catchy floating animations like playing with the Opacity and Background Color. That’s beside, playing with Filters by adding a Blur effect, increasing/decreasing its Contrast, playing with the Grayscale, Hue, Brightness, and Saturation.

All of those powerful options are coming with advanced General Settings that will allow you to control the animated floating widget according to the Direction, Loops, and Easing.

Newly Added Animated Blob Generator Elementor Section Add-on.

Animated Blob Generator Section Add-on for Elementor Page Builder

Wondering how to create a stunning Elementor website that looks outstanding and unique? Are you thinking of adding animated random blobs/shapes to your Elementor sections without the need to use Gif images? Well, we have got your back! The Animated Blob Generator Elementor Section Addon that has been recently added to the Premium Addons PRO bundle is here with unlimited customization options that will give you the ability to create Elementor sections and hero scenes that really look fancy, stunning, unique, and INCREDIBLE!

Check the Animated Blob Generator Section Add-on from here.

Premium Addons Global Features are Under Your Footsteps!

Premium Addons Global Features Available for Elementor Page Builder

You are always our first priority, for that reason we are working hard to deliver you the most recent and commonly used features to make it easier for you to build sophisticated Elementor websites without the need to write a single line of code.

Equal Height Content, Advanced Border Radius, Cross-Domain Copy & Paste, and much more.

Premium Addons the FREE WordPress plugin for Elementor Page Builder has it all! As you will get the chance to use multiple powerful features that will help you create more than a good-looking Elementor website with no effort, and much more are coming very soon. Stay tuned!

400+ Ready to Use Elementor Section Templates.

Extraordinary Elementor Section Templates Developed and Designed Exclusively for Elementor Page Builder

Build your next Elementor website in no time! Get the chance to access more than 400 pre-built, fully responsive, and customizable Elementor section templates that will help you have your next WordPress Elementor based website with no effort! Just select your favorite template, customize the colors as per your needs, and that’s it! We are committed to regularly adding new templates, so make sure to always keep an eye on us! Click here for more details.