5 New WooCommerce Skins Added to Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing Widget

We’d love to announce that Premium Addons PRO V2.6.8 has enriched Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget with 5 new skins. Total number of WooCommerce products grid skins included in this widget is now 10 skins.

Build a Powerful, Modern, and Advanced Elementor WooCommerce Website in Minutes!

The Grid Layout in Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget
Introducing Products Grid Layout Included in Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget

It’s not an exaggeration saying “IN MINUTES!”. Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder is offering you an easy-to-use Elementor widget that will help you to build a full eCommerce website with absolutely no need for any coding knowledge. All you have to do is to drag the Elementor Woo Product Listing Widget, drop it into your Elementor section, then customize it the way you want, and that’s it!

Engage Your Customers with 10 Elegant Skins

Displaying Some of The Available Skins within Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget
10 Advanced Skins are Included within WooCommerce Products Listing Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Now, Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing Widget has 10 elegant skins/styles to allow you to get the ability to select from a wide range of totally different product listing styles. All of them are fully customizable, adjustable, and of course fully responsive. You can check them all by visiting this page.

As a Premium Addons Free User, Will I Be Able to Use This Widget to Build My Elementor WooCommerce Website?

Absolutely YES! Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder is offering you 5 advanced skins to choose from, those 5 skins are totally free of charge. Download Premium Addons – the Free WordPress Plugin for Elementor – to be able to try them live with no cost.

Well, Aside of the Skins, What Else Make This Widget a Powerful WooCommerce Widget for Elementor?

Carousel Option Which is Available in Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget
Elementor WooCommerce Carousel Option is Available in Woo Products Listing Widget

As a team, we are always working on providing you – as a Premium Addons user – with all of your needs to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for in just one single widget. We believe that as fewer plugins you install and use on your WordPress website as better speed results you will get which will reflect on the overall website performance. For that reason, we have covered most of your needs – as an eCommerce website owner – in this single widget, Premium WooCommerce Products Listing for Elementor Page Builder.

WooCommerce Products Carousel/Slider, Products Pagination Option, Advanced Display Options, and Much More…

Yes! All of those powerful options are proudly included within Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget. You will be able to have a WooCommerce Products Grid and/or WooCommerce Products Carousel on your WordPress eShop website. In addition, you can use the WooCommerce Products Pagination option.

Screenshot Displaying the Pagination Option Which is Provided by Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget
Use Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing Widget with Its Advanced Pagination Option.

The Products Carousel and Pagination options will allow you to display your WooCommerce products in fewer content areas to help your customers to get a clear view and a great shopping experience.
That’s beside the advanced display options which will give you the full control to display/hide every single element inside the Premium Woo Products Listing Widget for Elementor Page Builder.

All Products or Based on Specific Custom Queries?! The Choice is Yours, Both are Included!

Elementor WooCommerce Product Listing Widget will help you to manage the way you want your products to be displayed, starting from all products or displaying them based on specific queries like Categories or Tags. All of that is coming beside advanced filtration options to give you the ability to display only the Products on Sale or the Featured Products, and much more to be controlled.

WooCommerce Display Conditions, All What Marketers Needs!

Elementor WooCommerce Display Conditions is Your Key for Excellence

Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder is treating you with the Elementor’s first and only WooCommerce Display Conditions that are available exclusively within Premium Addons PRO bundle.

Using Elementor’s WooCommerce Display Conditions will let you have the ability to display/hide any type of Elementor content based on specific conditions. The content type could be Elementor Sections, Elementor Inner Sections, Elementor Columns, and Elementor Widgets that are used inside WooCommerce pages.

Get to Know More About Elementor’s WooCommerce Display Conditions by Clicking Here.


Premium Woo Products Listing Elementor Widget will enrich your next eCommerce WordPress-based website with a powerful WooCommerce Product Listing Widget developed for Elementor Page Builder. We can assure you that, you won’t need to write a single line of code because we took into count all of your needs while developing this widget. Give it a try now and don’t miss taking a look at the widget’s demo page from here.

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