Premium Addons Reached 600K+ Active Installs on and Still Counting!

We are thrilled to announce that Premium Addons for Elementor Page Builder plugin has reached 600,000+ active installs on the WordPress repository.

Long Journey But Exciting!

It’s been more than 4 years now since we launched Premium Addons for Elementor on Before we launch the plugin, we spent more than 5 months developing numerous FREE widgets that are all developed to extend the Elementor Page Builder’s capabilities. Since that time and we are considering the quality of the code and the plugin’s performance.

Having the FREE version of Premium Addons for Elementor means you will get the tools you exactly need to build an outstanding yet decent Elementor website at absolutely no cost!

Being a Premium Addons FREE Customer, What Will I Get?

Well, there is a lot to do with Premium Addons’ FREE version as you can build your dream online store using the cool WooCommerce Product Listing widget which offers you unique customization options that will give you the full freedom to adjust your WooCommerce listing the way you exactly want.

Are you a freelancer and want to get a single-page website for FREE? Well, you can easily do that by using Elementor’s Vertical Scroll widget which will allow you to build your overwhelmed landing page in no time and at no cost!

It’s not only that, there are much more FREE Widgets, Global Features, and Section Templates that are all awaiting to be discovered from your end 😉

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