Premium Addons: 2022 Year in Review

As the year wraps up, we’re thinking that it’s time to share with you the achievements we made and the challenges we went through this year. For us, as a team in Premium Addons, we can say that it’s been a year full of challenges and lessons! We gathered, laughed, worried, and above all of that, we went through a very stressful time but eventually, we can say that we are so proud of what we made through this year for Premium Addons and Elementor users and we hope you enjoyed and loved it too!

In this article, we’ll spot the light on all of the new additions made by Premium Addons for Elementor throughout this year. And, by new additions, we are referring to the new Widgets, Global Features, and Global Addons that are developed exclusively for Elementor Page Builder. So, keep scrolling down through this article to explore those new additions.


01. Magic Scroll Global Addon for Elementor

Elementor Magic Scroll Global Addon
Magic Scroll Elementor Global Add-on

The Magic Scroll Global Addon recently joined Premium Addons family! We developed and worked on it with the mission of taking your Elementor website-building experience to a whole brand new level!

It took us about half a year to deliver this addon. We went through discussions, meetings, and stressful times, thinking of how we’ll deliver it and how we can make it an easy-to-use tool built exclusively for Elementor. At this point, we want to say that we are still working on enhancing and enriching the Magic Scroll. So, never hesitate to share your thoughts and your needs with us because, as usual, you are our top priority.

Check out the Magic Scroll live examples by visiting this page.

02. Elementor Mega Menu Widget

Premium Mega Menu widget for Elementor
Mega Menu Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Did you try the powerful Mega Menu widget or not yet?! The Mega Menu Elementor widget is a FREMIUM widget that helps you add and create a WordPress navigation menu anywhere on your Elementor web page.

Give it a try for free by downloading Premium Addons WordPress plugin for Elementor Page Builder. And, make sure to see widget’s live page by visiting this link.

03. Elementor Website Logo Widget

Premium Site Logo widget for Elementor
Website Logo Widget for Elementor Page Builder

Are you looking for building a website navigation bar using Elementor’s header & footer builder? Then, Premium Addons is supercharging you with a unique Site Logo widget with sophisticated choices! Simply, you’ll get the ability to add an SVG, SVG Draw, Lottie, or a simple Image-Based logo. All of them are available within the Elementor Website Logo widget.

Now, you can easily get a professional website navigation bar built with Elementor Theme Builder using both Premium Site Logo and Mega Menu Elementor widgets.

04. SVG Draw Elementor Widget

Elementor SVG Draw widget in Premium Addons
Elementor SVG Draw Widget

The SVG Draw Elementor widget opens the door to your imagination and of course, your creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you are an art creator or not! What really matters is, if you have the illustrations your want to add to your Elementor website, then you will be ready to go.

Elementor SVG Draw is a totally free widget that comes with advanced options and it is fully compatible with the new Magic Scroll Global Addon.

Make sure to visit the widget’s demo page and its documentation article to get to know more about how you can use it.

05. WooCommerce Products Listing Widget Additions

Cross-sells and up-sells products option in Elementor Woo Products Listing widget
WooCommerce Products Listing Elementor Widget Supports Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

I. Woo Products Listing Widget Now Supports Up-Sells & Cross-Sells

The WooCommerce Products Listing Elementor widget will let you display the up-sells and cross-sells products right on your WooCommerce single product page.

Premium Woo Products Listing widget improvements
Woo Products Listing widget Improvements

II. Added Load More Button and Product Description Excerpt Length

The Load More button helps display more WooCommerce products but in a smaller content area on your Elementor web page while the product’s description excerpt length option will let you manage/control the description text lines.

The Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing widget is coming for free. Make sure to check its live demo page from this link, then give it a try! Additionally, don’t miss trying the Products Carousel option as it is available for free too.

06. Elementor Display Conditions New Additions

Newly Added Display Conditions and More Features Released
Elementor Display Conditions in Premium Addons

URL Strings, Shortcode, Target Returning Visitors, Website Static Pages, and Products in Cart; all of those conditions have been added through this year. Those conditions allow you to show/hide any Elementor content dynamically. We added them based on your requirements and your needs. Putting you as a top priority makes us always think of the additions and necessary enhancements that are supposed to be applied to Premium Addons as a plugin in general and to the already existing widgets and global features.

07. Vertical Scroll Widget’s New Transitions

Premium Vertical Scroll widget for Elementor new transitions
Vertical Scroll Widget’s New Transitions for Elementor Page Builder

Cube, Parallax, and Zoomed Parallax are three new transitions added to the Vertical Scroll Elementor widget a couple of months ago. That’s beside, applying further improvements to the widget itself. So, if you are a freelancer and looking for creating a single-page website, then the Vertical Scroll widget is the perfect tool for you. Make sure to take a look at the widget’s demo page from this link and let us know your opinion!

08. Elementor Badge Global Addon

Badge Addon for Elementor
Elementor Global Badge with Opacity Effect
Elementor Badge Addon in Premium Addons
Elementor Badge with a Floating Effect

The Elementor Badge is a Global Addon. It has been developed to give you the ability to add a badge to LITERALLY any Elementor content even if it was a Section, Inner Section, Column, or Widget. With unlimited customization options, you will get jaw-drop badges right on your Elementor website.

We are inviting you to make a visit to the add-on’s demo page! Click here to see some of the usage possibilities.

Introducing Elementor Page Global Addon

09. Custom Mouse Cursor for Elementor Page Builder

Apply Custom Mouse Cursor on the Whole Elementor Page or Entire Elementor Website
Apply Custom Mouse Cursor on the Whole Elementor Page or Entire Elementor Website

If you are looking for a way to add fancy look/elements to your Elementor website, then the Custom Mouse Cursor Elementor’s Global Feature is a good start for you as it will give you the ability to apply/add custom cursors to your Elementor Sections, Inner Sections, Column, and even any Widget developed for Elementor Page Builder. Not just that, you can even apply it on a whole page, or the whole Elementor website.

Click here to see different usage examples by visiting the feature’s live demo page.

10. Templates Live Editor Elementor Tool

Edit Elementor templates from the same page using Premium Addons
Templates Live Editor for Premium Addons Elementor Widgets

If you are a Premium Addons user, then you are supposed to be familiar with Premium Addons’ widgets that are based on templates such as Premium Carousel, Unfold, Tabs, and many more. Previously, you were forced to build your widget’s content from the Elementor templates area but now you have the freedom to decide whether you want to build it live through a popup window or from the Elementor Templates area.

Click here to get to know more about this advanced tool developed for Elementor Page Builder.

11. Half-Circle Style Added to Elementor Progress Bar

Elementor Progress Bar and Its New Half-Circle Style

A new style called “Half-Circle” has been added to Elementor Progress Bar free widget a few months ago with a total number of five styles to choose from; Line, Circle, Half-Circle, Dots, and Multi-Labels based Progress Bar. All of those styles will give you the full freedom to display your facts & figures or your statistics in different styles. See those progress bars in action by visiting this link.

This new style is working seamlessly with Magic Scroll Global Add-on. See live examples on the widget’s demo page by visiting this link.

12. A Background Option Added to Video Box Elementor Widget

Background image option added to Premium Video Box widget
Background Option in Elementor Video Box Widget

Show off any kind of video within a device frame using Video Box Elementor widget. You can display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, or you can upload your own using the Self-Hosted option. All of those video types are working with the new background option that has been recently added to the Video Box widget.

See an actual preview by visiting the widget’s demo page from here. Additionally, we’d love to share that this new option is compatible with the new Magic Scroll Elementor Global Addon.


As we always say, you are our top priority. Your thoughts and your needs always matter to us. As a Premium Addons team, we feel so proud to deliver you all of those widgets and features since the beginning of this year and we are promising that there are much more to come!

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