Introducing Premium Full-Page Elementor Templates and More Exciting New Features

Premium Addons 4.9.49 and Premium Addons PRO 2.8.21 for Elementor are coming with powerful new additions and improvements that will all help put you on the right track to get a super unique WordPress website in less than a minute!

Premium Full-Page Elementor Templates, new Image HotSpots Magnet Effect, and Horizontal Scroll widget improvements are all packed in this update. Dive deeper into this article to get to know a piece of detailed information about the new features included in this update.

Premium Addons’ Elementor Full-Page Templates

Premium Addons Introduces Pre-Designed Full-Page Elementor Template

We are truly pleased to announce the release of Premium Full-Page Elementor Templates. Happily, we’d love to say that you’ll get a well-designed full landing page for your Elementor website with just one single click, and in less than a minute, you’ll have a full professional-looking website page.

Premium Full-Page Templates include a wide range of categories such as Digital Marketing, Law Firm, Mobile App, and more. These templates are designed to offer an intuitive and visually appealing online presence, requiring minimal setup time. With the customization options available, businesses and individuals can tailor their online presence to meet their specific needs, making it easier than ever to establish a professional and engaging online identity.

A Quick Glance at The Offered Elementor Full-Page Templates

Premium Addons Full-Page Templates for Elementor Page Builder
  • Digital Marketing ِElementor Template:
    • A modern and professional digital marketing company landing page with clear messaging, social proof, easy-to-find contact information, and a prominent call-to-action.
  • Law Firm Elementor Template:
    • Get a professional law firm landing page with clear messaging, credibility, easy-to-find contact information, and client testimonials to establish trust. With a clean, minimalist design, a neutral color scheme, and pops of color to draw attention.
  • Mobile App Elementor Template:
    • A sleek mobile app landing page with high-quality visuals, a clear value proposition, social proof, and an easy download button to attract new users.
  • Under-Construction Elementor Template:
    • For an under-construction landing page, get a simple and minimalist design with a countdown timer, bold headline, and clear call-to-action that will keep your audience engaged and excited for your upcoming launch.
  • Asian Restaurant Elementor Template:
    • Get an elegant and inviting Asian restaurant landing page with high-quality visuals, a minimalist layout, a menu section, and easy reservation options.
  • Medical Clinic Elementor Template:
    • A medical clinic landing page concept with seamless photography and abstract lines for a soothing atmosphere. Use a light color scheme and a distraction-free design. Include a lead capture form for easy contact submission.

New Magnet Effect Added to Image HotSpots Elementor Widget

A New Magnet Effect Added to the Image HotSpots Elementor Widget

The Image HotSpots Elementor Widget has been upgraded with a new feature called the Magnet Effect, through collaboration with Premium Custom Mouse Cursor Elementor Global Feature. This new addition adds a unique and eye-catching effect to your Image HotSpots widget, drawing in your visitors and enhancing engagement.

Whether you’re highlighting products, features, or even adding visual interest, the Image HotSpots Elementor Widget with the new Magnet Effect counted as an easy-to-use solution. With its simple interface and intuitive design, you can have it up and running on your Elementor website in no time.

Don’t miss seeing live examples by going and visiting the Image HotSpots demo page from this link.

Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget is Now Faster and Smoother!

Elementor Horizontal Scroll Widget Got Improved

Upgraded Horizontal Scroll widget for Elementor: Faster and Engaging. Improved code for smoother animations and minimized loading speed for a seamless user experience. Visitors can navigate quickly without delays and stay engaged without being frustrated by slow load times.

We are inviting you to go and see live Horizontal Scroll examples by visiting this link and this link too!


Upgrade your website with Premium Addons and create a professional and engaging online presence in minutes. Choose from a variety of Elementor widgets and Full-Page Templates, including the Magnet Effect on the Image HotSpots Widget and smoother animations on the Horizontal Scroll widget. Download now and captivate your audience with a magnetic website!

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